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This collar is ¾" wide (20 mm) and can be made with nickel, solid brass, or black hardware.If you are looking for a quick release e collar strap without bungee, click here:


A bungee e-collar strap is a great upgrade from the basic strap that comes with your e-collar. The bungee (made of marine grade shock cord) allows a bit of give, so that the collar can flex with the dog’s neck. It helps maintain good e-collar contact while giving the dog maximum comfort. The quick release buckle allows for quick on and off without having to adjust the collar size each time, so gearing up is quick and convenient. Please note, these collars are *not* intended to be used with a leash, they are only meant to hold an e-collar.


The Biothane used for our e-collar straps is slightly slimmer than what we use to make the rest of our products. This means it should slide through your e collar reciever without issue!


Keep in mind that the sizes listed are the actual length of the collar *without* an e-collar receiver attached. Most e-collars require around 2-3” of extra strap. Please measure your dog or their current e-collar strap before ordering to ensure you get the right size! Any questions on sizing, or custom size requests? Feel free to reach out! We’re happy to help.

Holes on this collar are spaced ½" apart for a comfortable, snug fit.


Biothane is a waterproof, stink resistant, easy to clean coated webbing. It has a look that imitates leather, but is lower maintenance and easier to clean. Its versatility makes it great for all kinds of dogs, from active companions to hunters to sport and working dogs. Wandering Dog gear is all handmade with attention to detail. We have lots of colors and several hardware options to choose from!

3/4" Quick Release Bungee E-Collar Strap

  • This is our standard size chart for e-collar straps. Please note sizes are *without* an e collar receiver.

    Size (inches
    12-18 "

    If you have a larger or smaller dog, feel free to reach out for custom sizing!

  • Each of our items are custom and handmade by one person, with attention to detail in each piece. Please be aware that it takes time to make your order! An up-to-date turnaround time can be found here!

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