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- est. 2019 -

About Us

Wandering Dog Co is a small, one-woman collar shop in a small town on the US west coast. What started as a hobby of making custom collars for my own dogs has expanded into a bustling business with canine customers all over the globe.


Behind The Business

I'm KC! I run this whole operation, from messages to social media, and my favorite part: making all the gear! With a little help from friends and family and the assistance of Badger the shop dog, I make it all happen.

When I'm not working in the shop, I'm a part time dog groomer, hobbyist dog trainer, adventuring, or pursuing my next overly ambitious project.

...but I'm probably working in the shop.

Our Story

Back in 2018, I discovered fabric collars on Etsy. My dogs' collar collection slowly expanded, and I got the idea to make collars myself. I've always been crafty with an eye for detail. With the help of a sewing machine more than twice my age, I began making fabric collars.


In 2019, Wandering Dog Co officially opened up shop on Etsy, and later after the insistence of some friends, I tried my hand at biothane.

When I began facing the limitations of biothane, I looked to leatherwork, a similar craft with a bit more creative freedom. 

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