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Got collar questions? We've got answers.

When will my order ship?

Current turnaround time is around 4-5 weeks.

Because we are a small staff handmaking each item, we cannot be as fast as big corporations! The business of the holidays makes our turnaround a bit longer than usual this time of year. If you need to receive your order before a deadline, please reach out to us to ensure we can make it happen!

Turnaround Time

This section stays up to date as production time changes!

What is Biothane?

Biothane is a waterproof, stink resistant, easy to clean coated webbing. It has a look that imitates leather, but is lower maintenance and easier to clean. Its versatility makes it great for all kinds of dogs, from active companions to hunters to sport and working dogs. There are other similar brands of waterproof webbing, but we use true, brand name Biothane and have tons of colors to choose from.

What do you use to make your collars?

All gear is made with rivets set by a rivet press. Press set rivets are extremely strong and secure, but we can also use Chicago screws upon request.

Our biothane is all Standard thickness, except for 1.5" and 2" wide, which is Super Heavy thickness.

All ends are cut with a punch for a clean and uniform look, and all ends are sealed for a clean, watertight finish.


Collar styles: what's the difference?

Flat Collar

This is your standard dog collar, the style that you can find in any pet store. It doesn't tighten or loosen when pulled on.


These have a chain loop that tightens when pulled on. Many people use this to help train loose leash walking. Others use martingales for escape artist dogs, as the tightening action can prevent dogs from slipping out of their collars.

Limited Slip

Limited slip collars are in between a martingale and a normal slip collar. They are worn the same way as a slip collar (it matters which direction you pull from!) but there is a stopper preventing the collar from tightening too far, similar to a martingale.


These work just like a check chain, they’re just made of a different material. There is no limit to how much these collars can tighten, so care needs to be taken to ensure the collar isn’t pulled too tight. Some like to use slip collars as a safety backup, if your dog backs out of their harness or flat collar, the slip collar is there to keep them from escaping. Be mindful of which way you put slip collars on--the direction is dependent on which side your dog walks.

Can you make...?

Short answer: probably!

Do you have a piece of dog gear in mind that you don't see in my shop? Do you have an idea for a custom piece you just can't find anywhere else? Whether you have precise specifications in mind or you just have a general idea of what you want, we can work together to make it happen! Feel free to reach out. If the shop is open, so are custom orders!

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