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This leash is ¾" wide (20 mm). It is the widest leash we offer!


These are our standard biothane leashes. They’re great for outdoor adventures since they don’t absorb water, dirt, sand, or other gunk. They come in a variety of colors and can have nickel (silver) or solid brass (gold) hardware. Our standard leash length is 5 ft, but we can make leashes in any length you wish!


Biothane is a waterproof, stink resistant, easy to clean coated webbing. It has a look that imitates leather, but is lower maintenance and easier to clean. Its versatility makes it great for all kinds of dogs, from active companions to hunters to sport and working dogs. Wandering Dog gear is all handmade with attention to detail. We have lots of colors and several hardware options to choose from!

3/4" Biothane Leash

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